Green Botanics is a London based company with the vision to provide some of the finest CBD rich food supplements to the UK, Europe & USA. We offer the most ethically sourced, premium quality full spectrum CBD extracts from low THC Hemp plants meaning you can expect the full entourage effect.


Continuous research and anecdotes is leading people to become more accepting of cannabis, allowing the hemp industry, and particularly the CBD producers to make this exciting comeback.

Green Botanics

Our Philosophy

We at Green Botanics are passionate about helping our community through education and are trying to source the best and most innovative CBD products from around the world. Check out our instagram

Green Botanics tells you why to use CO2?

The primary reason is to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe to produce with little-to- no post-processing. Unlike using toxic solvents that may require many hours to purge the solvent trapped in the oil. In addition, multiple industries have proven that the highest efficiencies in commercial processing utilize CO2.

CO2 is efficient, inexpensive and is a “tunable” solvent. The ability to “tune” the extraction process can not be overstated – especially with a system that will separate constituents during an extraction. CO2 is also a sanitising agent. Prolonging shelf life and with the proper system and environment, yields food and medical grade oils.

CO2 extraction is the cleanest, safest method for extracting plants such as hops, cannabis and nutraceuticals and organic crops.


Minimal extraction times, higher yields, low maintenance/energy consumption enhances cost-efficiency and profits through mechanical innovation.


You are breathing out CO2 right now! Evaporated CO2 from the SFE-CO2 process leaves you with virtually no residual solvent. Low temperatures retain ideal organic states.


Pinpoint desired components to extract from botanical material with a solvent that is “tunable” in a system that optimizes oil quality, speed and product development opportunities.

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