CBD reaches the Cotswolds Set

At the Green Botanics CBD Blog UK, we love to keep our friends informed about how CBD oil, and other similar products, are getting more well-known in the wider world. If you’re here, you’re already in the know. We’re just waiting for the mainstream to catch up.

A couple of weeks ago there was an article in The Times which caught our interest. If you’re a Times subscriber, you can read it here. However, if you don’t want to pay, here’s what it was about.

Cannabis conversations

The journalist, who normally moves about in achingly trendy Oxfordshire circles, had noticed how here dinner-party friends were all talking about Cannabis oil. They had all become regular users. Her friends trumpeted Cannabis oil as the remedy for everything. It was helping them sleep, giving them better skin, curing jet lag, all kinds of things. They had no side effects to speak of, only benefits. The writer then outlined how a research programme at Oxford University had recently raised £10 million to look into the medical benefits of cannabis. Interesting stuff. 

On the other hand… 

CBD Blog leaf

Sure, there was also a counter argument in the interests of balance. A professor of medicinal plant research was interviewed, spelling out the dangers of taking a medicine that isn’t properly regulated. He also outlined how THC present in cannabis oil can make you light-headed and also makes you hungry. The writer also made it clear that cannabis oil is illegal. The Cotswolds socialites were buying them from a man at the school gates. (Not a drug dealer, apparently.) People are producing cannabis oil in their kitchens, and there’s an inherent danger in that.

Stick with CBD oil

It was a very interesting article, and it’s always great to see more widespread acceptance of the products we love. However, there’s a big difference between what we make at Green Botanics, and the stuff made in a kitchen you buy off a guy on the street-corner.

With CBD oil there is no high, only the benefits. CBD oil can help with so many problems. For example, it can help you sleep, improve your mood and help you recover from exercise. It’s made under the strictest conditions, from top-quality natural products. Also, it’s totally legal. You don’t need to worry at all with CBD oil.

By Mike The Writer

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