The CBD History Of Britain

CBD History, in Britain, hemp and its offshoots were not always taboo. Hemp was one of the key ingredients behind Britons navigating the globe and building an empire. Before the start of the 20th Century, cannabis wasn’t just legal, its use was encouraged.

In Victorian Britain, the hemp plant was respected for its medicinal properties and its versatility. No one thought of it as a plant you would get high from. They had opium for that!

Here are 2 stories from a golden age for hemp.

1 – Queen Victoria experiences CBD

Yes, you read that right. None other than Queen Victoria, that dour and conservative figure, had first-hand experience of the calming effects of CBD.

Let me explain. In the Victorian era, hemp was a medicinal plant. Many medicines contained extracts of hemp, and most doctors ere happy to prescribe cannabis to their patients. The Queen’s personal doctor, Sir J. Russell Reynolds, was a big fan, in fact he called it ‘one of the most valuable medicines we possess.’

The Queen complained of menstrual cramps, so her doctor prescribed her tincture of cannabis, which is dried hemp flowers soaked in ethanol. You take it orally, not unlike the CBD supplements you can get today.

Reports say this prescription made the Queen feel a lot better.

2 – The end of an era

It’s no exaggeration to say that hemp was one of the driving forces behind the British Empire. Britain ruled half the world, mainly based on the strength of its navy.

Britain’s navy was the envy of the world because of its fine ships, and what were those ships made from?  Of course, it’s hemp !

It was used to make the ropes for the ship, and the canvas for the sails. Hemp was ideal because it’s stronger than cotton, and resistant to salt water, so it wouldn’t rot away in the middle of a voyage.

However, all good things come to an end, and the Victorian era signaled the end for hemp on ships. You can’t stop progress, and when steam ships usurped sailing ships as the most popular way to travel, that was that for hemp.

Luckily, hemp has other uses instead.

By Mike The Writer

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