At Green Botanics, we’re always looking for new ways to get you to try CBD. We’ve got oil, We’ve got vapes. We’ve even got gummy bears and chocolate. You won’t bee-lieve what our CBD geniuses have made. It’s CBD Raw Honey ! CBD Honey UK supplier

Here’s why you’ll love it

CBD Honey

You can eat it with anything

OK, maybe not anything, but honey tastes so great with so many different foods. Spread it on your toast, put some in your tea, make a teriyaki sauce for fish or meat, the possibilities are endless.

Now you can get your CBD onboard in new and exciting ways.

Raw honey is healthy

Did you know how many health benefits are associated with honey?

  • Honey is great for relieving a sore throat, cold or cough. It’s why singers drink honey and lemon to safeguard their voices. It’s also why cough sweets are often honey-flavoured.
  • It’s a natural antibiotic that works inside and outside your body. You can use it to disinfect wounds on your skin. Diluted with water, it can help relieve dandruff.
  • Honey is high in antioxidants which can help prevent damage to your brain’s cellular system. It can even slow down memory loss.
  • Studies have shown that honey can lower blood pressure in men and women. It also helps to release serotonin to improve your mood, which is converted into serotonin to help you sleep.
  • Honey is full of natural carbohydrates, which helps maintain your body’s glycogen stores. Drink honey before you exercise. It’s like nature’s own energy drink. Many athletes take honey supplements before they work out.

Take all these benefits and combine them with the qualities of CBD, what could be better?

We’re helping save the bees

CBD Raw Honey

The CBD-infused honey we produce at Green Botanics is brought to you in partnership with Surrey Honey Farm a non-profit company located near to Green Botanics HQ. Their mission is to reverse the decline of the UK’s bee population.

50% of Europe’s bee population is dying out, which is having a drastic effect on the UK’s agricultural ecosystem. Bees pollinate, which helps grow crops. They are also a link in the food chain. If bees become extinct, it will hit those further up and down the food hierarchy.

Surrey Honey Farms rehome honey bees on safe land, where they can begin to multiply again. They also partner with schools to teach children how they can play a part in safeguarding the species.

Without bees, we wouldn’t be able to make our honey. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering up with Surrey Honey Farms to produce our range of CBD-infused honey. We hope you’ll want to support this great organisation too.

Grab a jar today

We hope you’ll love our locally-made, CBD-infused honey because it’s versatile and tastes fantastic. We also hope you’ll feel the benefits to your health from the earth’s greatest natural healers and in a small way, safeguard our country’s bees for years to come.

Grab a jar today and make sure you let us know what you think of it.

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