Gone To Pot

Rather than the usual horror stories, depictions of the medical benefits of cannabis are happening more and more in the media. We wrote a few months ago about a CBD storyline in the popular US  show, Ballers. Now, they’re doing it in the UK with Gone To Pot.

A new 3-part documentary is currently showing on ITV1. It’s also available on demand. It’s called Gone To Pot American Road Trip. The premise is pretty simple. 5 celebrities, some with their own afflictions such as arthritis, travel across the US states where medical cannabis is legal. They see sights and meet people connected to this booming new industry. They also see whether it works for them.

Gone to Pot

The celebs on the show are Linda Robson, Pam St Clement, Bobby George, Christopher Biggins and John Fashanu (above). They go to places including a nunnery in California where the sisters make CBD oils and soaps, a subject dear to our hearts. They also visit an industrial-size marijuana farm in Colorado.

One scene I can’t get out of my head is when John Fashanu goes to visit a doctor that prescribes medical marijuana in LA. He meets a mum and a little girl. The girl has suffered from seizures all her life, and every time she has a seizure, she suffers a small amount of brain damage. Her brain was basically being eaten away. However, since the doctor prescribed her medical marijuana, the seizures have been under control. She is improving all the time.

John Fashanu’s son suffers from a similar condition, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. He’s previously been against all types of drugs in his life. Clearly conflicted and emotional, he changed his viewpoint on the spot.

‘My son has seizures. This means what we’ve been through, it didn’t need to happen. We were deprived of the help we could have got, and should’ve got. How can we say no to the legalisation of marijuana when we’ve just seen what we’ve seen?’

It’s difficult to argue when the evidence is in front of you like that.

Of course, at Green Botanics, we don’t sell marijuana. In fact, we don’t sell anything with psychoactive properties. You can’t get high on CBD oil, and everything we sell is totally legal. We do however, welcome any attempt to bring these issues into the mainstream. It can only be a good thing. Hopefully Gone To Pot will raise the profile of CBD.

By Mike The Writer

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