Should the UK Legalise Cannabis 

Could cannabis oil be next for legalisation? 

At Green Botanics, we’ve been closely following the story of Billy Caldwell recently. How about you?

If you don’t know about Billy, he’s a 12-year old boy from Northern Ireland who suffers from severe, life-threatening epilepsy. However, doctors discovered that administering cannabis oil controls his seizures. In fact, he was free of seizures for more than 300 days.


Billy and his mother went to Canada where medicinal cannabis oil is legal, but when they tried to return home, Billy’s oil was confiscated. Cannabis oil isn’t legal in the UK. Of course, Billy’s seizures started again.

After a lot of publicity and tearful pleas from Billy’s mother, the Home Secretary overturned the decision to confiscate the oil. Billy received the treatment that he needed.

Many are wondering if this will lead to the eventual legalisation of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. There are MPs from all sides of the political spectrum who are in favour of legalisation, including George Freeman of the Conservatives.


You might be wondering why, if cannabis oil is illegal, what is the oil you can buy here at Green Botanics?

We sell CBD oil, which is totally legal in the UK.

In cannabis oil, the chemical THC is present. THC is the psychotropic part of the cannabis plant. It’s the part that makes you feel ‘high’. However, it’s also the ingredient that stops Billy’s seizures. Billy tried CBD oil, but it was no use. It had to be cannabis oil, or nothing. At the moment, until the laws are changed, CBD oil is the next best thing. Many users remark on how it relieves stress and anxiety.

Time for change?

While we love selling CBD oil, we would certainly welcome the legalisation of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. We think this would bring to so many benefits, to people like Billy, and more besides.

Medicinal cannabis oil is legal in Canada and certain states of the US. Why not here in the UK?

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