Best CBD oil UK Green Botanics 800mg 8% CBD Oil – 10ml – Cannabidiol – New Lower Price

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800mg CBD – approx 4mg of CBD per drop – New Lower Price

Green Botanics has the Best CBD oil UK  and is produced in the USA in a GMP and ISO compliant facility. A full extract oil, uniquely blended for the true CBD entourage effect. Meeting the very highest standards in production and quality control.

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Best CBD oil UK

Green Botanics Best CBD Oil UK 8% CBD Oil Cannabidiol THC FREE

Our best selling oil,  800mg 8% CBD Oil is full extract oil, uniquely blended for the true CBD entourage effect, the terpenes present are below.

Nerolidol (Trans) 815 µg/g

β-caryophyllene 748 µg/g

Nerolidol (Cis) 598 µg/g

β-myrcene 331.2 µg/g

α-humulene 284.7 µg/g

Linalool 67.9 µg/g

Alpha terpinene 29.4 µg/g

Eucalipto 23.4 µg/g

Delta-3-carene 18.3 µg/g


Hemp Extract

No pesticides, herbicides or additives

Just a beautiful oil that’s completely vegan-, gluten-, THC and GMO-free.

Grown in BIO soil in strictly controlled conditions with no chemical fertilisers, growth hormones or genetically modified products.

The Cannabidiol is CO2 extracted – the gold standard for CBD extraction. Green Botanics oils are made from high quality CBD Hemp strains. THC Free. Therefore, if you’re looking for a high quality and affordable CBD oil, then you need t0 try our oils or CBD edibles.

The Best CBD oil UK, a great place to start your CBD journey.


First of all, used as a dietary supplement, use 2-3x per day – 6-12 drops under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds and then swallow. Continue every day. The endocannabinoid system takes time to wake up, normally from a few days to a couple of weeks. Most experts say to start with a low dose and build up over a period of weeks/months. Don’t give up after a few days, CBD takes time !

Our customers have advised that they can find it difficult to dose accurately with the normal pipette droppers. These 1ml Capacity calibrated droppers: clear glass is easy to see through, 0.25 ml, 0.50 ml, 0.75 ml and 1 ml scale clearly marked for accurate CBD dosing. No THC, No pesticides, No herbicides and No additives at all.

Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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2 reviews for Best CBD oil UK Green Botanics 800mg 8% CBD Oil – 10ml – Cannabidiol – New Lower Price

  1. Linda Powney

    Great oil, already on my 3rd bottle. Really helped my bad knees. Great communication although direct payment isn’t ideal. Card payment coming soon apparently. So for this they lose 1 *

  2. Carolyn Martin (verified owner)

    I started using cbd in June 2017 for anxiety related issues due to a cancer diagnosis. I found that not only did it help with anxiety, but joint pain due to ageing, it helps me sleep, and it keeps my endocannabinoid system where it needs to be. If your endocannabinoid system is healthy, it keeps the immune system healthy (my take). I’ve noticed a change for the better with my health overall. The cbd I buy from Green Botanics has been top notch with prompt service and fair prices. Definitely 5 stars. Thanks so much!

    • Green Botanics (verified owner)

      So glad we have helped you and thanks for the lovely comments. Thank you !!

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