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Better You – Magnesium Goodnight Spray – 100ml

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BetterYou™ MagnesiumOil Goodnight spray combines essential magnesium with Chamomile, Bergamot and Clary Sage to soothe the senses while calming and relaxing the body. Scientifically proven to raise magnesium levels faster than traditional tablets and capsules.

  • Naturally aids restful sleep
  • Relieves muscle tension and reduces symptoms of RLS
  • Instantly relaxes the senses
  • Promotes overall well-being
  • Superior magnesium chloride quality

Used as part of your night time routine BetterYou™ MagnesiumOil Goodnight spray replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, helping you to achieve a deep, restful sleep.

10 sprays deliver a minimum of 180mg (51% RDA) of optimally absorbable elemental magnesium.

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Why Better You Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray?

Better You Magnesium acts as an aid to muscle tension, cramping and supports restful sleep. When the body’s level of magnesium is too low, it makes it harder to sleep, as a result can create more tension and cramping. Better You Goodnight Spray helps promote a good night’s sleep without the morning-after drowsiness.

How transdermal magnesium supplements work

Transdermal magnesium offers a simple and far more effective than tablets and capsules. Better You takes pride in its unique approach to absorption, delivery and stability testing by batch and proudly use natural, food-state, food-sourced ingredients wherever possible. Finally we are proud that our oil is  made in Britain made. Never tested on animals.

The benefits of magnesium oil

Applying magnesium oil on a daily basis can bring you a huge number of benefits. Here are a few of them.

1 – Improve your athletic performance

Magnesium oil helps the body recover from strenuous activity, providing relief from muscle and joint aches. Many professional athletes take magnesium supplements to help them perform at their optimum.

2 – Lower your blood pressure

Studies from the University of Hertfordshire found magnesium oil can help if you’re suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension).

3 – Relieve stress

Magnesium helps balance the hormones in your body, helping to relieve stress. When you’re stressed, and you go to the toilet a lot, your magnesium level drops. Magnesium oil can help replace it.

4 – Improve your sleep

Magnesium helps relax your muscles, your brain and your nervous system, helping you get a great night’s sleep.

5 – Reduce oiliness in your skin

Magnesium oil helps your body break down fats and oils, which can make your skin feel smoother and less oily. It’s also known to help with acne and rosacea.

6 – Relieve migraines

People who suffer from regular migraines often have low levels of magnesium. Taking magnesium oil maintains your magnesium level and can help reduce migraine attacks.

7 – Help for diabetics

If you’re diabetic, it’s important to maintain healthy magnesium levels. Magnesium helps control your body’s insulin resistance.

8 – Female issues

Magnesium oil can also help with female-specific conditions such as PMS, and can also help with pregnancy.


Spray on the body and massage well into the skin,most of all avoiding delicate areas such as the eyes.

For best results, apply to clean skin.

For night-time cramping or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) apply Magnesium Oil directly to problem area (often the calf or the feet) and massage in well.

Suitable from 12 years of age, for children under 12 we recommend Better You Magnesium Oil Original spray which does not contain essential oils. Therefore, we would also recommend our Magnesium Oil Original spray for use during pregnancy or while nursing.

The Magnesium Tingle

First of all, on initial application of Magnesium Oil Spray 100ml you may experience a slight tingling sensation. As a result, this may indicate low magnesium levels and is the result of the high speed absorption of magnesium through the pores. This will pass with regular use and as absorption commences immediately, skin can be towelled off after massaging in.

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